Below you will find a list of questions that we get asked by a lot of clients. We have provided answers to these for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soo.. About Your Music

Will you take requests from our guests?

Our normal policy is to solicit requests from your guests during the course of the event. We will then play them in the segments appropriate to that song. We find that playing the guests’ requests improves audience interaction.

If you don’t want us to accept requests, just let us know.

Will you play music from my own CD collection?

Though we have an extensive music collection, we realize that there may be songs that your group would like to hear that we don’t have. If you’ll let us know in advance, we’ll be happy to procure the music that you’d like for us to play.

If, after the event has begun, the host or a guest requests a song for which they are providing the CD, we’ll be happy to play it as long as the song is appropriate to the event.

Do you play songs with profanity?

We play the radio edit versions of songs, which are normally the “cleanest” versions available (as opposed to the original albums, which are often laced with profanity). Despite having the cleaner versions of songs, many parents find particular songs inappropriate. When playing for groups with children, we will self-censor to a level we think is suitable for the children present. If you, as a sponsor or a parent, have a concern about a particular artist or song, just let us know and we’ll omit the offensive material from our playlist for that event. We’ll also cease playing music that appears to result in disorderly conduct or presents safety concerns (i.e. “mosh pit” activity that could injure the guests).

The bottom line is that we’ll work with you to play only what you feel is appropriate for your event. Obviously the play list for a college frat house party will differ from that of junior high school dance.

What type of music do you play?

Well, everything really. We have every Top 20 hit from 1946 to next month. We can play every style of music that you can think of and if we dont have it, in most cases we can get it.


Can we request a playlist?

Yes, with a word of caution. While we will absolutely follow a playlist at your request. However, there are some things to consider. To compare this to other situations:

As a chef, you follow a recipe but always change things to fit the ingredients; More Salt less Pepper…

As a football coach you have a list of plays but you need to be able to mix them up to be effective…

As with the examples above, having the ability to read the crowd and adjust the music to fit what is “working” is what make the difference between a good event and a great one.


How Far Will You Travel?

Our regular service area is 50 miles from our home base which is located in the Hidenwood area of Newport News. However we have traveled up and down the east coast. No matter where your event is, we can come to you just contact us and we can work it out.


Should we feed the DJ?

Unlike feeding the animals at the zoo, it’s okay to feed the DJ. As a general rule the DJ(s) will have been working for three hours prior to your event loading and unloading equipment, and setting up. In addition to working through your event, they’ll spend a couple of hours afterward reloading the equipment and “heading back to the barn.” We get hungry just like everyone else, and would certainly appreciate the opportunity to eat if possible.

If this is a problem however, just let us know and we’ll make alternate arrangements. We understand (especially during a catered, sit-down dinner) that there may be a cost associated that we certainly don’t expect you to bear.)


How early should I book my event?

Well… Yes, planning your event takes time, a lot more than most people really think. So start planning early and avoid the headaches. As for booking with us, we have events that book us every year, for multiple years out. We have weddings that we have booked 2 years in advance.

We recommend that you contact us as early as 1 year before you event but not later than 6 months.


Are you Full-Time DJs

Play it Again DJs is a full-service professional company.  However, the income we derive from this profession is insufficient to sustain a family  The vast majority of DJ’s in the market are part-timers, maintaining gainful daytime employment to sustain their lifestyles.

We operate this company as a labor of love, and not just a job to pay our bills.  We like people, we like music, and we love a good party.  Because we don’t have to accept every job that comes our way, we don’t get overworked and burned out.

Let’s face it, when it’s your job it can become a REAL job.  You lose the spark, the fun, and the enthusiasm.  We work at this profession with as much passion and hard work (or maybe more) as the full-timers.


Should we tip the DJ?

If you’d like.  As a general rule it is a nice gesture for service-based personnel to be tipped if you have received service that pleases you.  However we don’t expect tips and won’t hold it against you if you choose not to tip. (We will not put out a “tip jar” at your event.  We think it’s tacky.)

How much?

We seem to typically be offered between $1 and $5 for song requests, and if our client is particularly pleased at the end of the event, we’ve received from $5 to over $100.  Again, it’s up to you.  We will graciously accept anything you care to offer.


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